JIROUS JRMA-650-10/11

Akcesoria WiFi



Antenna JRMA–650–10/11 is designed for microwave links at the frequency bands 10 and 11 GHz. Precise performance is complying with kanon ETSI EN 302-217-4-2 class 2. Whole antenna system with bracket JDMW-900 has extreme wind stability. The antenna is supplied together with a bracket that allows easy mounting on a mast. Bracket can be installed separately on the mast. Subsequently, you can simply hang up the antenna with microwave unit into it. We recommend mounting on the mast with minimal Ø50 mm in the areas with the occurrence of the adverse weather conditions. Bracket allows fine setting elevation (of gradient) and azimuth ± 20°. It is possible to mount to right and left side.


- profesional microwave antenna
- metal parabola collar with absorbing material for the high resistance to interference
- high neighbouring links isolation
- radom included
- masive bracket JDMW-900 with accurate elevation and azimuth setting
- right and left side mounting
- extreme wind stability


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